About us

Setting trends since 1978

Stand del Mueble interiors started in 1978, standing out as a furniture & contemporary design showroom in Palma. Since then the brand has come to be associated with quality service and commitment to unique pieces of national and international renown, and the work ethic of a second generation family business.

Dedicated to the design and execution of interior architecture projects, we offer a whole philosophy behind every project. We have the best selection of contemporary furniture, kitchens, lighting, outdoor furnishings, textiles, kitchenware and unique and exclusive objects from the best designers, offering a personalised service in each and every project.

A full team dedicated to every project

In Stand del Mueble we all work with a unique way of doing interior design & strive towards a common goal - to make the experience enjoyable for the client in its duration. We have four decades of experience in interior design projects. Every one starts with a comprehensive study and the definition of basic concepts like functionality and creativity.

We adapt to the needs and style of each and every one of our clients, always achieving results in which quality, elegance and attention to detail are ever-present. We see a home as a universe of experiences - sensations that each individual constructs from their routines and life story.

Stand del Mueble is a living space that is constantly in movement. It is not just dedicated to one specific line of products, but rather to the attempt to reflect a philosophy in which the designers, architects and property developers share a vision of work, esthetics and lifestyle.